band flyer 8.5 x 11

Client: Christian Shewcraft/Think Like A Mountain

Project: Poster design/Flyer design

The band, Think Like a Mountain, wanted a poster that represented their style aesthetically and musically to use as promotional material at shows. ¬†Their sound relies heavily on guitar effects pedals so I designed a collection of minimalist style pedals for their poster. I relied on a grid to lay out the pedal illustrations as they might look on a pedal board. The background color was chosen because orange is eye catching and it needed to stand out in clubs and bars where there would be a lot of competing visual “noise.”

I also designed a flyer that promoted a show they played with two other bands. Because it was going to coexist in the same space as the main poster, I kept the color scheme and the minimalist style, but used a guitar amp as it was more generalized and could apply to all three bands.